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Spry is different:

We guarantee our speeds
We put our money where our mouth is. If we sell you a package and it does not deliver the speed your plan provides then Spry will not charge you for that month of service. Its simple, no games, just quality internet at an affordable price.
Alternative to cable or dsl
Spry's super fast next generation wireless network is capable of providing the same speeds as dsl and cable, for less cost. Our installation is super easy and you never have to be on hold to speak with a support representative. We are local!
expert technical Support
If you need assistance with your connection we are simply a call away. Should you have trouble with your router or other element of your home network, Spry can get you fixed up fast!
Static IP Addresses
Do you have your own webserver, or would you like to be able to host your own website right on your computer? Would you like to install webcams at your home so that you can monitor your premises when you are away? Spry can provide you a static IP to allow you to reach your computer from any browser, anywhere in the world.