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SPRY PLUS service plan

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About our PLUS Plan

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From $69.99 mon*


The PLUS plan is recommended for simple email usage, youtube, and web browsing.

Ideal for everyday use - online shopping and banking, watching videos online, downloading apps and more.


Here's what you get:

Download speeds up to 5Mbps
Upload speeds up to 3Mbps
Managed Internet Security
Unlimited internet with NO contract

How do I get Home Internet Service from Spry?

Before Spry can activate your internet service, we come to your location to perform a free site survey. This consists of one of our technicians setting up a test computer to assure that we can get a good signal from one of our distribution towers.

Will my installation take long?

Spry Wireless can install and provision services quicker than the competition, since we control all network elements including Access Points, your service can be installed in only an hours or so.

Why does your pricing say "from" before the price?

Wireless internet can be challenging to deliver to some locations because of geography, interference, or other phenomenon. In some cases you may be required to use different types of equipments and routes to access the internet through our network that cause the plan to be higher in price. It is not common, but possible.


Additional Features

Home WiFi -connect multiple devices

Set up a wireless home network and connect multiple WiFi-enabled devices to the Internet over one superfast wireless connection. Connect your computers, handhelds, scanners, printers and more - a must-have for multi-device households.

From $4/month


Internet Security and Parental Controls

Keep your computer safe with McAfee® AntiVirus. Plus monitor and set limits on your kids' Internet time with Family Protection Software.