Frequently Asked Questions 11/11/2012

Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about wireless internet services by Spry

What is Wireless Broadband technology?

Wireless Broadband brings high-speed Internet into your home or business using radio waves instead of a phone line or cable TV line. NO PHONE LINES OR CABLE TV LINES NEEDED!

How fast is it?

Our service offers a maximum burstable download speed of up to (15Mbps) and upload speed of (7Mbps) for our residential plans subject to distance from our antenna, and your location within our coverage area. Business Class service can be high as 40Mbps Down / 40Mbps Up.

What equipment is needed?

For residential installations, all you need is an ethernet port or wireless capabilities on your computer. For businesses, we connect our equipment to your existing Local Area Network (LAN) using a firewall we provide. Your system will perform best with a wireless router, you can purchase one at the time installation if you do not currently have one.

How secure is Wireless Broadband Technology?

We use the highest level of wireless encryption on our links and are just as secure as any other internet connection.

Does Spry Wireless provide email addresses?

Yes. If you would like, Spry Wireless can provide you with free e-mail addresses ( If you want to keep your old e-mail address, you can either configure your e-mail client to continue to use your old address, or you can have your current ISP forward all your mail from your old address to your new one.

Spry recommends using one of the free E-mail services available; GMAIL, YahooMail, Hotmail, etc. These are accessable from any computer in the world and are robust in their security architecture.


Do I need a phone line?

NO PHONE LINES ARE NEEDED. You will be able to send and receive data through our wireless link.

Is Internet access unlimited?

Wireless Internet is a full-time connection; your computer is connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Unlike Satellite and Cellular providers, our service is UNLIMITED usage per month.

I have more than one computer. Do I need more than one Wireless Internet installation?

Our Residential Service package connects one computer to the Internet, but if you need multiple computers connected or want internal wireless access, you may install a router at anytime. Wispwest also sells and installs wireless routers for your convienence.

How long will it take to install?

The installation is usually completed within 1 to 3 hours.

What is the downside to wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet requires direct or sometimes "near-line-of-sight" from your site to one of our towers, if you don't have line of sight (which is rare) you may not be able to use our service. Before installation we will come to your location to do a free site survey to verify we can service your location.

Can weather affect the Wireless Internet signal?

Short answer: No. Since we use terrestrial-based towers instead of satellites, service is not interrupted by atmospheric conditions. Links are also not affected by fog, smog, snow or non-torrential rain.

What can affect the Wireless Internet signal?

The general rule of thumb is that the radio signal will pass through anything that doesn't contain metal or interference on the same radio frequencies we use.

Is Wireless the same as "satellite" Internet?

NO! Wireless uses ground-based antennas to transmit data to your location. Also, satellite systems have higher "latency" (the time it takes data to travel between 2 points) since the data has to travel from your location up to the satellite 22,400 miles up and back down to the Internet, making streaming video and gaming very difficult to run at all.


How does this Wireless compare to Cable and/or DSL?

Cable usually requires a "bundle" package, requiring you to spend more money purchasing all of their services you may/may not need. Cable also has limited distance and coverage areas. DSL is limited by distance as well. DSL speeds decrease the farther away from the telephone company's central office (CO) you are, and doesn't work at all if you are more than 18,000 feet away (About 3 to 4 miles).

Why should I choose Spry Wireless Internet access over other high-speed (broadband) options such as Cable, DSL, Satellite, Cellular, or any another wireless provider?

There are a couple of reasons. First, Spry Wireless offers coverage far beyond DSL and Cable limits. Because radio signals travel at the speed of light, there is no loss or degradation in bandwidth speed, thus allowing us to take fiber speed bandwidth over many miles with little to no latency or speed reduction! As far as our advantages over Satellite/Cellular services go, our service offers faster service, lower prices, no contracts and most importantly no data limits or overage charges. For users that have DSL or Cable, they will enjoy the same speeds with Spry Wireless, as well as not having to bundle multiple services locked into a contract for up to 2 years. Spry Wireless is PURE Internet, and the way you like it, contract-free. We are so sure of our service, we require no long-term commitment.

How much does it cost?

Click here for the full Residential Pricing, and here for Business Class Service

What frequency does your wireless equipment use?

Keeping up in technology, we use a huge variety of the radio spectrum including the following ranges 900Mhz, 2400Mhz, 3650Mhz, and 5800Mhz.

Where can I learn more about broadband wireless technology?

Additional information about broadband wireless technology can be accessed at the following link:

I am ready what is the next step?

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