How Wireless Broadband Internet Works

The internet is transmitted from a Spry Wireless tower using next generation high
speed radios. The internet signal is received by asmall radio at your home which 'talks'
back to the Spry tower creating the two way link required for internet service.
Our signal is not affected by weather (rain, fog, etc) giving you an uninterupted
connection. See our FAQ page for more details


No Cables or Expensive Infrastructure

Wireless is more affordable than Cable or DSL because we do not have the arduous task of maintaining hundreds of miles of cables connecting each customer to their central office. Our signals (radio waves) travel at the speed of light and the data throughput meets and in most cases exceeds a cable fiber optic network.

Why Spry

We are a local Austin company which offers an alternative to the big impersonal cable and phone companies services.

Our next generation system is Austin's only MIMO quality network capable of speeds to over 150Mbps when using our custom wireless solutions to meet your specific needs.